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A bit about me:

As I embark upon each new creative endeavour, I always strive to make real the audio world within which the artistic vision can be fully rendered. Be it through the sound design for a film project or within the ambience and sonic palette for a music recording, the creation of the auditory universe is always at the heart of my creative technical process. As my knowledge and expertise evolve and grow, I continue to have fun collaborating and striving for uncompromising excellence in all that I do.

I have 20+ years professional experience as:

  • Record Producer

  • Composer

  • Sound Designer

  • Recording Studio Engineer

  • Stereo & Surround Mix Engineer

  • Experimental Musical Instrument Designer

  • Audio Researcher

  • Educator

  • Mastering Engineer

  • Live Sound Technician

  • Production Manager

  • Audio Strategist and Consultant

  • Arranger & Musical Director

  • Session and Touring Musician

Professional audio producer, sound designer, mix engineer and composer who has been consistently praised by my collaborators and producers as both intuitive and meticulous, adaptable, fun and quality-driven. Over the course of my 20+ year career in the music, film and digital arts industries I have developed a broad skill set directly relevant to many roles within the sound / music / creative audio world. This includes:

  • mixing for surround and ambisonic environments

  • sound design

  • music composition, arrangement and direction

  • creative collaboration

  • team leadership

I have consistently demonstrated strong artistic vision, perfectionism, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities as Chief of Audio at Monkey Puzzle Sound Studios. Please review my selected work history for more detailed achievements and awards.

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“Vid has helped me produce many projects ranging from albums to film scores to audio public art installations to live shows. He is an intuitive and meticulous engineer and knows how to get the tone and feeling you're looking for in the music. Plus he's ALWAYS fun to be around. His studio, Monkey Puzzle, is overflowing with an arsenal of amazing mixing tools, musical instruments, and sound design gear.”

Kid Koala


“Vid Cousins is the real deal: a skillful and exacting technician who prioritizes creativity. Flexible and opinionated in the perfect balance, Vid can take charge when it’s called for, or be an effortless and precise behind-the-scenes collaborator.”

Michael Feuerstack


“Vid is a highly skilled, highly thoughtful music composer and sound engineer. Over the years, I have collaborated with him and his studio Monkey Puzzle on many film projects, relying on his talents as music composer, recording artist, mixer, and sound designer. A hard-working perfectionist, he is capable of taking any concept and turning it into an audio masterpiece. He's also fun to work with and is a positive asset to any creative team!”

Jonathan Ng

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