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educator | audio researcher

record producer | recording engineer | mix engineer

sound designer | composer | experimental musical instrument designer


Educator, record producer, mix engineer, composer and musical director with 20+ years of creative and technical experience in the music, film and digital arts industries.



        Master of Arts

                Audio Production

                University of Westminster, UK


        Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

                Commercial Music

                University of Westminster, UK


Educator : 1996 - present (Montreal & London, UK)

Part-time faculty for the Electroacoustic Studies program in the School of Music, Concordia University, Montreal.

Lecturer in Sound Design and Studio Production Techniques at Recording Arts Canada, Montreal.

Experiential Learning Facilitator in Surround Mix for Film at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Concordia University, Montreal.

Music Technology Tutor for Area II, Wembley, London, UK.

Audio Researcher / Experimental Musical Instrument Designer : 1996 - present (Montreal & London, UK)

Areas of research:

  • physical reproduction of sound

  • mechanical acoustic augmentation of musical instruments

  • physical manifestation of musical/sound fx

Instrument design / build:

  • Crystal Baschet

  • Acoustic Spring Reverb

  • Lap Steel

  • 9-string electric guitar / ribbon synth crossover

Composer : 1996 - present (Montreal & London, UK)

Composer for records and animated short films including Jonathan Ng’s Academy Award-shortlisted “Requiem for Romance”, David Barlow-Krelina’s NFB-produced “Caterpillarplasty” and VANOC's Vancouver Cultural Olympiad official trailer.

Music Director and Arranger : 1996 - present (North America, Europe & Australasia)

Musical director and string arranger of multi-disciplinary productions such as Kid Koala's Storyville Mosquito and Nufonia Must Fall - a musical theatre work during which a cast of puppets is filmed moving through miniature sets, edited and projected to create a live feature film, scored by Kid Koala on turntables and electronics and a string quartet - now in its 4th year of touring.

Music Producer and Mix Engineer (live and in-studio) : 1996 - present (Worldwide)

Producer and Mix Engineer for musical artists such as Kid Koala, Amon Tobin, Colin Stetson, Esmerine, FOXTROTT and directors such as Munro Ferguson (NFB). I have worked as a live sound mix engineer on 4 continents for artists such as Squarepusher, Bell Orchestre, !!!, Tim Hecker and Diplo including working with local teams to advance technical needs.

Surround Mix Engineer (live and in-studio) : 2004 - present (North America + Europe)

Surround mix engineer for live shows such as Amon Tobin's 5.1 Chaos Theory live tour and 7.1 Foley Room live tour, and in studio surround mix engineer for 375+ projects including short films for the National Film Board, and students of the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University (Montreal).

Sound designer : 2008 - present (Montreal,QC)

Sound designer for films such as Munro Ferguson's 3-D (also domified for the SATosphère and extended to ambisonic VR) NFB film "Minotaur" and restored Norman McLaren clips for the NFB. Also worked as a foley artist including collaborating with Amon Tobin for his critically acclaimed “Foley Room” album.

Studio Owner, Manager, Chief Recording Engineer : 2008 - present

Monkey Puzzle Sound Studios (Montreal & Vaudreuil-Dorion)

Owner of a full-range audio production facility providing specialized sound services for creative projects in music, film and the digital arts.

Audio Strategist, Consultant : 2006 - 2013

Envision Management & Production (Montreal, QC)

Designed recording studio plans for recording and video game composers such as Amon Tobin and Richard Reed Parry. Also consulted and conceptualized audio production for immersive live show events.


2014 - 2016

Kid Koala’s Nufonia Must Fall (live film theatre show) 

best show of 2015 - Ottawa Sun

co-composer, arranger, musical director, sound designer, mix engineer


12 bit Blues - Kid Koala (album)

Best electronic album 2012 - GAMIQ awards

co-composer, producer, musician, recording and mix engineer


Requiem for Romance - Jonathan Ng (animated short)

Oscars Shortlist for Animated short - 2010 Academy Awards

composer, arranger, sound designer, recording and mix engineer



360º immersive ambisonic video series

audio consultant, recording engineer, ambisonic mix engineer


Regional Productions

Charlie Morgan’s Wake (feature film)

surround mix engineer, sound designer

2017 - 2018

8H51 Productions

Women of The West (film / pilot)

mix engineer, sound designer, audio editor

2017 - 2018

Richard Reed Parry

Skybarn Studio

acoustics consultant, studio designer


MERJ media

Floor Kids (video game)

best game audio 2018 - Indie Prize

audio consultant



T.B.C. (Album)

vocal production, recording engineer


Kid Koala / Emiliana Torrini

Music to Draw to : Satellite (album)

mix engineer, additional production, arrangerSelected Work History (cont.)

2016 - 2017

David Barlow-Krelina / National Film Board

Caterpillarplasty (animated short)

music producer, composer, sound designer, mix engineer

2016 - 2018

Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema / Concordia University

various (375 student films)

surround mix engineer


Third Side Music / Lexus

Lexus NX (television commercial)

co-composer, remix producer, musician, mix engineer


Pedro Morelli / Rhombus Media

Zoom (feature film soundtrack)

music producer, arranger, musician, recording engineer, mix engineer



Lost Voices (album)

co-composer, recording engineer

2014 - 2016

Nufonia Live Inc.

Nufonia Must Fall (touring show)

musical director, co-composer, arranger, sound designer, mix engineer


Munro Ferguson / National Film Board

Minotaur (animated short)

arranger, sound designer, recording engineer, mix engineer


Tim Hecker

Virgins Live (tour)

mix engineer



Ufabulum Live (tour)

mix engineer


Luigi Allemano / National Film Board

Norman MacLaren (animated short restoration)

sound designer, additional productionSelected Work History (cont.)


Rian Johnson / Kid koala

Looper (feature film soundtrack)

musical producer, co-composer, musician, mix engineer


Kid Koala

12 bit Blues (album)

musical producer, co-composer, recording engineer, mix engineer



The North (album)

additional production, audio editor


Jonathan Ng

Requiem for Romance (animated short)

composer, sound designer, recording engineer, mix engineer


Kid Koala

Space Cadet Still Picture Soundtrack (album)

musical producer, arranger, musician, recording engineer, mix engineer

2011 - 2013

Colin Stetson

New History Warfare vol: ii & iii (albums)

recording engineer


Vancouver Olympic Committee

Vancouver Olympics 2010 Mascots Themes

musician, sound designer, recording engineer, mix engineer


Vancouver Olympic Committee

Cultural Olympiad (animated short)

co-composer, sound designer, recording engineer, mix engineer


The Slew

100% (album)

additional production, mix engineer (with Mario Caldato Jr.)


Bell Orchestre

Live from Montreal (iTunes exclusive)

recording engineer, mix engineerSelected Work History (cont.)



Ashtray (remix)

remix producer, musician, recording engineer, mix engineer


Amon Tobin

Foley Room Live (7.1 surround sound tour)

audio strategist, production manager, mix engineer

2006 - 2007

Amon Tobin

Foley Room (album)

foley artist, musician, recording engineer, mix engineer


Amon Tobin

Chaos Theory Live (5.1 surround sound tour)

audio strategist, production manager, mix engineer


Amon Tobin

Chaos Theory (video game soundtrack)

audio & music consultant



Ultrvisitor Live (tour)

mix engineer, recording engineer

2001 - 2002


Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff (tour)

additional production, musical director, musician

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